What about the kids?


Your children’s welfare lies at the heart of everything the Painless Divorce team do. We work with you to prepare a parenting plan that meets the needs of your children as well as both of you. We test this plan and support you in its implementation. As your children grow or your circumstances change, our family psychologists continue to offer you support in amending your parenting plan.

Divorce does affect children, whatever their age. But divorce doesn’t need to destroy their childhood or negatively impact upon their futures. We have vast experience of supporting children and parents through divorce and will ensure that your divorce is as painless as possible for your whole family.

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'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce'
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 'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce' Special Offer £99

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It contains all the information you need to guide you through a divorce, the children issues and communicating with them, solicitors, your family, members of staff.

How to choose our solicitor, what the solicitor will sort, how to communicate between yourselves and finance.The programme is the perfect way to get clear on what lies ahead before you begin the divorce process. Purely informative professional advice, based on proven practical results developed from working with divorcing and divorced clients over 25 years. Interwoven with research findings not usually discussed in the public domain.

The Time to Split programme costs just £99, discounted from the usual retail price £199. It could end up saving you significantly more than that, by making sure you don’t make the wrong decisions further down the line.

 Whether you are going through the process of divorce or thinking of divorce.

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'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce'
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