Time to Split: Coping with Christmas

Divorcing parents plan for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year

Get the help you need to cope with the festive period as a divorced or separated parent - and ensure your children still have the best Christmas ever!

Part of the Time to Split Series - Separating together for a better life apart.


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“By the way. Thank you. I really appreciate everything you have done for us both...It has made things a lot clearer and easier to get through.”

- J

“I just thought I’d drop you a message. I’m now living in.... and about to buy a new house. I have a new job. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.... I’m a much stronger person than I ever was. Our daughter gets to see her dad every weekend. We get on most of the time. I thought you’d like to know that I’m doing ok. Take care.”

- C

“It was just to tell you what has happened. It has been an extraordinary few years! My two children are still living in the same house, only five minutes’ walk from me. I see them loads and they are really good company! Their mother, is well and we are on good terms and communicating well - who’d have thought that! I am well too. This is just to say that with every success that comes the way of the children and me, I often think back to our meetings with gratitude!”

- D

“Everyone should have access to this way to divorce.”

- R