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At 61, Paul is twenty years older than his wife, Adele. She is a doctor but is no longer practicing, doing charity work and bringing up her two children who are in their early teens. Paul has two older stepchildren from his first marriage who are financially independent. Paul was diagnosed with emphysema a couple of years ago and his prognosis is poor. Adele wants a divorce and they approach Painless Divorce together.


The Painless Divorce team consider what is the best interest of both parties. Although the couple are financially well off, Paul has had to take early retirement due to his chronic illness. They consider how to fund the children’s schooling, ensure that both parents will live in similarly sized houses and consider whether Paul can live off his pension. They agree to a clean break settlement, so that Paul keeps control of his finances and is able to reassess his ongoing health needs. Adele decides to renew her qualifications and return to work as a GP. They also work on a parenting plan, considering not only the impact of the separation on their children, but the poor health prognosis for their father. They prepare a care plan for Paul and decide how to communicate their divorce and the implications of Paul’s ill health to their children.


Stefano and Leila are an international couple each with independent private wealth and two young children. Their primary residence is in London, however Stefano has a home in Tuscany and Leila has a large apartment in Cairo. Their turbulent marriage is no longer tenable to either of them so they approach Painless Divorce together for help with untangling their complicated assets.


It quickly becomes apparent that the main area of contention isn’t money but in which country the children should be brought up. Stefano wishes to return to Italy, whilst Leila would like the children to be educated in the UK and spend holidays with her extended family in Egypt. Painless Divorce’s psychologist uses her experience and knowledge in child issues to help the couple unravel what is in the best interest of their children and to put that above their own individual desires. They decide that the children should remain at school in London and will visit Tuscany and Cairo during their holidays so they can learn about both cultures.


Richard and Betty, both in their 70s, met on a cruise-liner three years ago. They had a ‘shot gun’ wedding without telling their respective children fearful of their offspring’s disapproval. Richard’s children have been relentless in their criticism of Betty, accusing her of being a money-grabber and this has caused incessant rows. Richard has had enough and wants a divorce.


The Painless Divorce team quickly establish that neither Richard nor Betty want to split up but they just can not cope with the fallout with their respective families. Richard wonders whether he should pay Betty off, get divorced and continue their relationship covertly. Rather than taking this draconian approach, The Painless Divorce team encourage Richard and Betty’s children to join them for a round table meeting. It becomes apparent that Richard’s children thought they would be deprived of their inheritance as a result of their father’s marriage. A financial advisor works with the family to divvy up the assets and a solicitor ensures that Richard has an up-to-date will and assets in trust. A counselor works with the whole family to create understanding and communication. Six months later, Richard and Betty renew their wedding vows in the presence of their children.

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'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce'
Modern Law Awards Team of the Year 2015

“By the way. Thank you. I really appreciate everything you have done for us both...It has made things a lot clearer and easier to get through.”

- J

“I just thought I’d drop you a message. I’m now living in.... and about to buy a new house. I have a new job. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.... I’m a much stronger person than I ever was. Our daughter gets to see her dad every weekend. We get on most of the time. I thought you’d like to know that I’m doing ok. Take care.”

- C

“It was just to tell you what has happened. It has been an extraordinary few years! My two children are still living in the same house, only five minutes’ walk from me. I see them loads and they are really good company! Their mother, is well and we are on good terms and communicating well - who’d have thought that! I am well too. This is just to say that with every success that comes the way of the children and me, I often think back to our meetings with gratitude!”

- D

“Everyone should have access to this way to divorce.”

- R

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