Are You Splitting Up? How to Help Your Young People Stay on Track During & After Divorce

Workshops for Young People
Teenagers and children managing divorce

Divorce or separation is stressful for the whole family, but young people between the ages of twelve and sixteen are most at risk of developing anxiety and depression when their parents split up. The age group of 13-16 years is now the largest being diagnosed with depression and so additional support is valuable at this difficult time.

Often young people try and protect their parents from how they are feeling and they often try to hide their worries, not wanting to add to their parents’ distress. They themselves are likely to be going through many changes and trying to get a grip on their own lives, so living with a parental break-up at the same time may tip them over the edge, when what they really need is stability at an important time in their development.

What Helps?

So how can you support your children during this time and reduce the risk of them being affected by anxiety or depression?

We offer a tailor made course, clinically proven to reduce stress and boost emotional resilience in young people and if your son or daughter is also feeling stressed because of exams, this course provides the skills to support them though this difficult period.

Therefore, by a young person learning strategies to manage their own thoughts, feelings and emotions about separation or divorce, they develop the life skills to bounce back more quickly from life-changing events and the simple challenges of everyday life.

Both trainers on this course have worked with young people in a variety of settings and are fully DBS checked.

Adriana Galimberti-Rennie

Adriana Galimberti-Rennie is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and has spent over 25 years helping couples & families who are trying to stay together or have decided to split up. She is an expert in collaborative divorce and a chartered psychologist who has dealt with a wide range of issues during her 30 years experience. Adriana is also an author, a frequent commentator for the BBC, and lectures to lawyers and psychologists on dispute resolution and communication skills.

Adriana is featured in the forthcoming 2019 UK publication: Celebrating 100 years of Women in the Law.


Our DBS checked Trainers/Facilitators and support staff come from backgrounds in teaching, child psychology, youth and family work which allows them to deliver the workshops while continually assessing how each child is responding as they absorb and practice the skills they learn in the workshop.

All our courses have been uniquely created by Painless Divorce. These practical workshops are underpinned by many years of specialist experience and academic knowledge and experience from working with parents, children and young people.

Our courses are based on fully researched safe practice, so you can be assured, that your child will have access to the most effective combination of skills to communicate so they can begin to regain focus at school and thrive in their peer group.

The courses also help your child or teenager identify when they begin to feel down, as our professional facilitators give them skills so know how to respond to and manage their feelings.

By continuing to practice their new skills your child or young person,will learn learn better ways ways to handle situations which will help them develop greater self-confidence in future.

We limit the places on each course of workshops to ensure each child or young person has individual support if necessary. To gain the most from the course of workshops your child or teenager needs to attend each week so they benefit from the whole course.

Our core team of Painless Divorce training facilitators are responsible for delivering the children's and young people’s workshops. All are trained in mental health and well-being and have many years experience of teaching, training and working in groups and 1 to 1 with children and young people.

Help Your Young People Stay on Track During & After Divorce

Workshop Details

Festival Hall, Talbot Rd, Alderley Edge,
SK9 7 HR
Cost: Introductory rate £250 for the course of 5 workshops; special Early Bird Rate £200 – saves £50 
Because of the nature of this course,  places are limited.
Please check back for new dates.
In Wilmslow:
Jan 29th, Feb 5th, 12th, Mar 5th & 12
(for 9 - 12year olds‎)
4.50 - 6.15pm
In Alderley Edge:
(for 9 - 12 year olds)
4.50 - 6.15pm
Please check back for new dates
If you are looking for differnt dates for workshops, please email:
Or text or phone 07980 667103 for further information.
*9-12 year old workshop starting in September
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