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Consequences of divorce

Traditional legal-only based divorce does not deal with the real reasons most people end up separating or divorcing. The law forces you to choose a reason – such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour, and often causes much grief and blame.

We help you avoid this by ensuring you keep control of the end of your relationship, so you are not overwhelmed by past events or distrustful of building relationships in the future.

Many people find themselves going through a natural process as they divorce.

Firstly, they experience some level of shock – you’re likely to find yourself very able to function, concentrate and discuss things together while you are in this part of the process. Or maybe one of you blows up and feels really agitated when you reach a point where you can’t agree. This is the angry phase and it’s quite possible to move from shock to anger very quickly. During both of these phases you can assimilate and make decisions (although sometimes they can be decisions you undo when things have settled).

The next stage that many people experience in a divorce process is when it’s hard to stay focused, its hard to decide what is best and this often carries over into other parts of your work and personal life. It’s often the time in a traditional divorce when there are lots of legal appointments but nothing seems to move forward. It’s the time when lots of chase up letters get written but there’s no response. Nothing much is happening other than these check-in appointments and letters, because one or other of you doesn’t have the capacity to move forward. Consequently costs escalate. It feels like everyone’s dragging their heels and this can create real anger in him or her and the other person is likely to close their mind even in further defence.

Finally, there’s the stage where the reality of the new situation is beginning to be assimilated and accepted in small chunks.

Painless Divorce helps you to stay focused on the tasks you need to achieve. We ensure the additional traumas are eliminated as there will be no legal letters. Coaching or therapeutic support is available between your meetings to support and assist you through any of the phases you or your partner find particularly difficult to manage.

The more quickly you regain your ability to focus and concentrate, the more in control you will feel in your life so you don’t feel stuck in the process of divorce.