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Painless divorce case studies
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Painless Divorce Case Studies

Our clients’ circumstances vary widely – from families with children to unmarried couples. Whatever your situation, we will find the best collaboratively-trained professionals to support you. Due to the highly confidential nature of our work we are unable to share names of our clients. Below are some case studies of divorces we have successfully managed. Names and critical details have been changed. We have video testimonials which we are delighted to show clients when we first meet.

Families with children

Worried about the effects of divorce on your family? How is this going to effect your kids?

Supported by family psychologists

Our family and child psychologists will help you create a child and parenting plan and work out how best to communicate your divorce to your children.

Complicated Finances

Do you have lots of assets? Are you concerned about your financial affairs?

Our Accountants and Financial Advisors will help

Our team will ensure you fully understand your financial situation. A fair settlement will be negotiated for you both and you each will have access to necessary funds during the divorce process.


Are you worried about the legal situation? Want to ensure you don't go to court?

We will make sure you don't go to court

Our whole process is built around the promise that you will not go to court. Our lawyers will facilitate your divorce so that you agree the terms as amicably as possible and papers are filed without going to court.

Emotional Support

Are you feeling stressed? Struggling to sleep? Worried about what the future holds?

Our team will look after your emotional wellbeing

Divorce can be extremely stressful. Our highly trained psychologists support you and your whole family throughout, and beyond, your divorce to make sure that you all keep happy and healthy.

Case Studies

In their late 30’s, Tom and Jo are a professional couple with demanding jobs. They have been together for 10 years and have a son aged 6. Jo approached Painless Divorce explaining she is fed up with Tom’s unreasonable behaviour. He is drinking, gambling and when she found internet porn on the computer their son uses, she decided enough was enough. ‘I don’t want Sam being brought up in this environment,’ she explains. ‘We argue all the time and I’m sick and tired of it.’ Tom knows he has problems and the last thing he wants is a divorce. He agrees to come to a Painless Divorce meeting in the hope of persuading Jo not to leave.


Under the guidance of a Painless Divorce Psychologist, Tom and Jo create a parenting plan and discuss how they will explain their separation to son Sam. Suddenly Tom realizes the full impact of his behaviour and the implications that divorce would have on them all. ‘I’m going to change.’ He begs Jo for some time out so he can have therapy to address his addictions. It’s takes a year of counseling and months for them to realign their relationship, but now their marriage is back on track and any thoughts of separation are a distant memory.

Sally is a stay at home Mum who has spent the last 20 years bringing up her children. Her eldest is in his first year at university, the two younger teenage girls are at a private school. Her husband David is an accountant, a partner in a large City firm. They have a big house and go on regular luxury family holidays. David recently told Sally that he has fallen in love with another woman and wants a divorce. David approached Painless Divorce because it’s important to him that he doesn’t have a contentious divorce, ostensibly because he has a high profile job and doesn’t want it to affect his work or family. Sally is in shock and doesn’t want a divorce. At the first meeting David admits that his new partner is pregnant and that’s the real reason he wants to separate quickly.

In the early stages of the process, the Painless Divorce team help both Sally and David articulate their hopes for their children. An accountant manages an interim process for Sally, so that she has sufficient funds and doesn’t need to sell the family home immediately. The team considers their joint family assets and the significant assets and gifts from their respective parents. A counselor works with Sally to consider how she can re-train in order to earn money. Together, David and Sally create a financial plan for the children’s continued education, and consider whether it is affordable to keep the two younger children in private schools. The divorce goes through and whilst Sally suffers emotional heartache, it is handled in such a way so that both parents still communicate and the best interests of their children are always the primary consideration. The family home is sold and Sally is working part-time in a PR agency.