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'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce'
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 'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce' Special Offer £99

Introductory Price includes UK VAT

It contains all the information you need to guide you through a divorce, the children issues and communicating with them, solicitors, your family, members of staff.

How to choose our solicitor, what the solicitor will sort, how to communicate between yourselves and finance.The programme is the perfect way to get clear on what lies ahead before you begin the divorce process. Purely informative professional advice, based on proven practical results developed from working with divorcing and divorced clients over 25 years. Interwoven with research findings not usually discussed in the public domain.

The Time to Split programme costs just £99, discounted from the usual retail price £199. It could end up saving you significantly more than that, by making sure you don’t make the wrong decisions further down the line.

 Whether you are going through the process of divorce or thinking of divorce.

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'Time to Split' The All You Need To Know Guide to a Stress-Free Divorce'

It can be overwhelming and frightening when your relationship ends. We can advise you on everything you need to think about and do.

Thinking of divorce?


We offer the very best legal, financial and emotional support so your relationship ending transitions into positive new beginnings.

Where do I get support?


We support you and your family to make sure your children get through the transition of your divorce as painlessly as possible.

What about the kids?


We help you both stay focusses and in control, so you decide your futures, not a family court judge who doesn't know you or your family.

Consequences of divorce

The Team

Painless Divorce uses a new process for divorce called Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Painless Divorce is quicker, more cost-effective and more respectful than traditional divorce or mediation, and ensures that you do not go to court.

Our highly experienced, collaboratively trained solicitors, accountants and psychologists work as a team to give you advice, while allowing you to keep control of the divorce process and come up with your own solutions. They come together at every meeting to support you and your children legally, financially and emotionally.

Why Use Us?

  • Minimise the cost of your divorce
  • Agree a fair settlement for you both, without going to court
  • Create a unique child and parenting plan
  • Have someone look after your family’s emotional well-being
  • Keep control and decide upon the timetable for your divorce
  • Fully understand your legal and financial situations
  • Minimise the stress, pain and heartache of divorce
  • Plan and easily transition into your separate, new futures.

Our Clients

The Painless Divorce team consider what is the best interest of both parties. Although the couple are financially well off, Paul has had to take early retirement due to his chronic illness. They consider how to fund the children’s schooling, ensure that both parents will live in similarly sized houses and consider whether Paul can live off his pension. They agree to a clean break settlement, so that Paul keeps control of his finances and is able to reassess his ongoing health needs. Adele decides to renew her qualifications and return to work as a GP. They also work on a parenting plan, considering not only the impact of the separation on their children, but the poor health prognosis for their father. They prepare a care plan for Paul and decide how to communicate their divorce and the implications of Paul’s ill health to their children.

Paul O

What’s the difference between Painless Divorce and a traditional Collaborative Divorce process?

A traditional collaborative divorce service is where two collaboratively trained family lawyers work with you in a co-operative way to help you reach decisions together. Unfortunately experience shows that a large percentage of traditional collaborative divorces break down and couples still end up in court. The reason for this is because the dispute resolution expertise needed to manage the inevitable flashpoints that come up when you are trying to agree the terms of your divorce are not available within a traditional collaborative divorce process. The difference with Painless Divorce is that our multi-disciplinary team is trained to work with each other to ensure you successfully negotiate the flashpoints. Painless Divorce offers you immediate financial, legal and emotional advice so you resolve your issues without incurring the additional financial, emotional and time costs of going to court. We are future focused, helping you build foundations for you new futures.

How long will it take to arrange my divorce?

The Painless Divorce collaborative team model of divorce has been used for a number of years in Australia and quite simply, past clients are delighted with it! After six years of only working this way, our Australian counterparts haven’t had a single divorcing couple end up in court. Painless Divorce Managing Director, Adriana Summers, trained in Australia and the Australians came to the UK to train the Painless Divorce team. Painless Divorce has successfully managed UK-based divorces with very positive outcomes. Ex-Painless Divorce clients will be offered on-going support as part of an elite members club to help them successfully move forwards post-divorce.

How much will a Painless Divorce cost?

Typically a Painless Divorce costs less than half of a traditional divorce. You will be given the costs once we have fully assessed your requirements.

What are the affects of divorce on a relationship with children?

Research shows that it depends on the length and nature of conflict surrounding children as to how resilient and adaptable children are to divorce. It only takes 6 months of continual stress in a child’s life for their emotional development to be affected. Therefore, it is possible that your children may have experienced some level of tension in your home before you’ve reached your decision to divorce. Rather than risk a complicated relationship, we help you keep your parent child relationship together by giving you access to a specialist who will help you both to communicate and plan your children’s future.

What happens if I want to go through this process but my partner doesn’t?

Our team is sensitive to the needs of both of you. With permission, we will invite your partner to have an informal, ‘no strings attached’ discussion with us so he or she can make an informed decision as to the benefits of a Painless Divorce.

Can you guarantee that we won’t end up in court?

We sign an agreement at the beginning of the process that says we will not end up in court. This commitment is fully understood by you and your partner as well as every member of our team. It means we concentrate on helping you find the solutions for your future so you do not end up in court.

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Leave best telephone number and times to contact you during office hours or if you prefer us to contact you via email please leave your email address here.

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