What Is The Difference Between Mediation And Painless Divorce?

Mediators are trained to mediate, and their code of practice states that they are unable to give you advice. This is the case even if the mediator is a family solicitor. Consequently, if you go through the mediation process, both of you will still need to consult solicitors to get advice as to whether or not what you have agreed is in your best interest. If one of your solicitors is unhappy with what you have agreed, you risk having to start the process all over again. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Painless Divorce is more than mediation. You and your partner will each have your own solicitor in the meetings, so when you come up with your solutions, assisted by the Painless Divorce Facilitator, your solicitor will advise you there and then if the suggested way forwards is appropriate and in your best interests from a legal perspective.