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Painless Divorce

Painless Divorce enables you to:

  • Minimise the cost of your divorce
  • Agree a fair settlement for you both, without going to court
  • Create a unique child and parenting plan
  • Have someone look after your family’s emotional well-being
  • Keep control and decide upon the timetable for your divorce
  • Fully understand your legal and financial situations
  • Minimise the stress, pain and heartache of divorce
  • Plan and easily transition into your separate, new futures.

Painless Divorce uses a new process for divorce called Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Painless Divorce is quicker, more cost effective and more respectful than traditional divorce or mediation, and ensures that you do not go to court. Our highly experienced, collaboratively trained solicitors, accountants and psychologists work as a team to give you advice, while allowing you to keep control of the divorce process and come up with your own solutions. They come together at every meeting to support you and your children legally, financially and emotionally.